19th International Interdisciplinary Seminar

2017 1st – 6th January

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“What makes us human?” This is one of the big questions in science and will be addressed in the upcoming seminar in London.

It is the objective of the Seminar to show that today’s science supports the following view: every human being is a person and has the rights of the human person; the fundamental rights cannot be established by belonging to a subgroup of humankind, by race, genome, developmental stage, culture, religion, or political class; neither can one reduce the rights of humankind to the rights of the present-day generation.

Free-will is first in the logical order. We cannot have rationality and science without free-will. Absence of determinism is a necessary condition for free will.

– Again and again experiments in neuroscience are referred to as demonstrating that
we make our decisions unconsciously. Do these results exclude free responsible behavior?

– Quantum indeterminism is often discarded as a good basis to implement free-will:
purposeful behavior must be adequately determined, so that we can see that “our will be done” and take responsibility. Does quantum physics allow for the unity of randomness and control characteristic for purposeful behavior?

– Transhumanism is proposing the idea that human creativity is basically equivalent to artificial intelligence: the human species can be transformed into a superior transhuman one by means of technology. Does human creativity reduce to artificial intelligence?

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Also, in the Seminar, will take place a Communication approach with the following thema:

How to communicate the faith without raising your voice

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The seminar starts on January 1st at 7:00 pm and will finish with breakfast on the 6th.
Price: £140
Includes: course, accommodation and meals
Venue: Netherhall House
Nutley Terrace,
London NW3 5SA
020 7435 8888

For further information or questions regarding this conference, please contact:
Antoine Suarez
Telephone: +41 (0) 44 252 65 37
Address: Ackermannstrasse 25, 8044 Zürich, CH

Luca Di Rienzo
Residenza Universitaria Torrescalla
Telephone: +39 02 236 4023
Address: Via Camillo Golgi, 36, 20133 Milano, Italy